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Strawberry Farm


Taman Pangan

Strawberry farm

Since 2003 we are committed to the healthiest strawberries for you, because we grow the strawberries organically & with intense care. Expands over 4000m2, with approximately 30,000 strawberry trees, we are the only all year strawberries farm in town.


Petik Strawberry

Have you grab your strawberries today??

Picking Fresh Strawberry at Our Organic Strawberry Farm.

Strawberry Fun Facts!

1. Strawberry are good for your Muscle, Brain, and Heart!

2. Strawberries contains vit C more than oranges also fiber and pottasium.

3. one cup of strawberries = 55 callories, it's low fat and low calories, so it is very good for your deatary meal!


Kebun Malam.jpeg

Kebun Malam

Now you and your kids can pick our special organic Strawberries not only in day light but in the night too.


For this special experience you must have to make a reservation, min 10 people in one group.

tanam Strawberry.jpeg

Adopt  a Strawberry

Not Only  picking fresh strawberry at our organic strawberry farm, now you can also teach your kids to grow your own strawberry plant!


Teaching kids to grow food on their own can makes them appreciate more the food they eat on the table. Not only  that, they will also learn to have responsibility to grow the plant on their own. 


Menanam Strawberry

For this special experience you must have to make a reservation, min 10 people in one group.

Taman Pangan

Our Organic Garden

Besides having strawberry as our main product, Rumah Stroberi Organic Farm & Lodge, Parongpong also have Tomato Cherry, Lettuce and our new vegetable garden called "Taman Pangan".

When you visiting Rumah Stroberi, you're not only eating tasty fruits with high-antioxidant but also breath the fresh Parongpong air that is far from the city pollution.

Visiting Rumah Stroberi is not only for intertainment but also for your health!

Weekend Market

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